Your Story – Customer Testimonials

Many have shared their experiences regarding the Angel Mint. We welcome your comments as to how the Angel Mint may have provided you with palliative therapy benefits. Please Click Here to share your comments with us!

The Angel Mint helped me so much during my chemotherapy. It not only removed the “chemical” taste left behind by my chemo treatments but it also helped to reduce my nausea. I was so impressed, I gave some to my cousin, who is now beginning chemotherapy. She loves them as I do and she credits the Angel Mint for helping her as they did me. As a result, we are placeing another order now. (Rachel B. Hanover, PA)


It was my children who were introduced to Angel Mints through school during testing time.  We started to stock them in our house on a regular basis because our kids love them.

I suffer from Migraines which are not always pleasant.  During one of my migraine attacks, I reached for the angel mints just to eat something and found that it really decreased my symptoms.  I now always keep Angel Mints with me at all times to help whenever I feel the migraine coming on.  It was such a blessing to discover these mints! (Jodi P., Florida)


I first started eating angel mints years ago. I found them at a local gift shop. After they stopped carrying them,I ordered them on line. Since they are good for palliative care, I took the brochure to my radiologist. He was so impressed that he now provides them in his office for all his patients receiving chemo and radiation. They really help with the nausea!!
Any shops here in Des Moines, IA, that carries them? (Deborah E. Facebook Post)


I wanted to reach out to your company and provide some positive feedback.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the stomach.  A friend of mine introduced me to your angel mints to help with nausea, heartbeat and the metallic taste in my mouth during chemo.  These mints are AMAZING.  I take a couple of bites of the mints and the symptoms subside.   I have informed my cardiologist office of these mints.  I would like to make a suggestion if I may…. Is there anyway that the mints can be sliced into bite size pieces similar to “Smartie” candies?  I think it would be easier to eat and less of a mess when you take a bite into the mint.  Just a suggestion. :-).  Thank you in advance. Sicnerely, Michelle S. (Email Post)


I am undergoing chemo. The Angel Mints are the only thing that helps me eat. It takes away the metallic taste in my mouth. I love the Angel Mints!!! (Leah R., Dunedin, Fl)


I’m currently being treated for cancer, and as most people know, getting chemo means nausea and stomach problems. Whether I’m having just a minor issue, or on the couch feeling horrible, Angel mints immediately sooth my stomach and help to suppress the nausea. It’s amazing how quickly they work! And I love that it’s all natural – I’m already getting enough chemicals and poison in my system. (Pamela C – Email Post)


Subject: Little mint with a large impact

Im glad I watched Fox13 Tampa,Fl with Charlie Belcher. What i didn’t realize was the impact of these gems. I take a lot of Meds. I found some at WaWa in Winter Haven, Fl. I purchased some and have since bought them all up as I have a dear friend in TN diagnosed with Breast caner. I wanted to try them for myself and was Shocked these little gems not only soothed my stomache but WOW they’re incredible just to have as they are all natural means alot as we have alot of chemicals today. I’ve now shared them with everyone I can, even the folks in the stores as I raid them, people always say, wow those must be good and I explain the benefits and ask them to support our local business’s. I just Love them and glad to share with anyone. Thanks so much for these incredible gems. Thanks to our local WaWa for supporting our local companies and workers. (Melanie S. Email Submittal)


Chemo patients, listen up!

Simply put, Angel mints have stopped my nausea in its tracks. The day my mints arrived, I had a vapor trail of nausea following me around that was just enough to put me off food and I was reluctant to take another pill. The moment the mints arrived, I popped a bit of one in my mouth. Moments later, the nausea was gone!  No clingy aftertaste like I get with other candies. I’m sold!

I’ve since shared my bag of Angel mints with my infusion nurses, the local cancer support center, my wig specialist, other chemo patients, my support network of friends and basically anyone that will listen.

Order some Angel mints, carry them in your chemo bag, pocket, purse. Tell your infusion nurse so they can pass this little gem onto other patients. (Tara M. Chester, VA)


Hey Scott, I received the Angel Mints. Thanks for checking. I am going through 1st week Chemo right now, and they do absolutely everything you have on your website. I ordered the 3 boxes plus chocolates. Angel Mints are my Lifesavers. I have shared a few, but not many :). Thanks again, Chef Nancy P. Kansas City


The Angel Mints are the only thing that helps my mouth–whether it is post chemo, cancer, burning mouth syndrome, or whatever is wrong with me. I have prescriptions, home remedies, and have tried almost everything. I so appreciate the Angel Mints. I just wish they were available in stores. Thank you so much for keeping this Florida factory going! Patti H. (Email Post)


Coconut would be another good flavor to try. I love your Angel Mints. I have IBS and it helps my stomach so much. Thank you. Kathy D. (Email Post)


What a beautiful gift you and your company are giving to so many cancer patients. That’s where these Angel Mints are going. It will touch so many lives and give them much felt support and love through these God sent messengers. Thank you, thank you so much. Only request is that more advertising is done to promote this love and kindness. Sending a heartfelt thank you. God Bless, Bonnie S. Lancaster, PA


Angel Mints have just been a blessing for people especially for those going through chemo. Getting the information out to people is very important. I know people it has helped tremendously with the nauses and dry mouth. I can’t say enough about the benefits of the Angel Mints. (Paul H. Clearwater, Fl)


Subject: The chemo metallic, gross, taste is…GONE! Thank you!

My husband has to have six rounds of chemo for NHL. After round one he could not stand the metallic taste in his mouth. His cousin in Tampa sent us a box of your mints and they were a God-send! From round two forward, they have not only taken care of the YUCKY taste left by treatments but they have helped a great deal with nausea. Thank you, thank you for all that you make and do to help folks like him have a more bearable treatment experience! (Cheryl S. – Website Testimonial)


The Angel Mints really do work. I had a stroke which left me with no taste, dry & numb mouth. The Angel Mints help to give my mouth moisture and I taste them! Thank You! (P. Bell, Largo, Fl)


Thank you Scott!! I’ve been looking for a candy that I feel good about letting my kids eat. I think it’s terrible how much artificial coloring and flavoring is used in most other candies.

On another note, I must thank you for this fantastic product. My father in law is currently undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has found relief from the nausea and metallic taste thanks to Angelmints!!! (Anne C., Newtown Square, PA)


I read about your mints in the Orlando Sentinel several months ago and sent for some as my husband has pancreatic cancer and difficulty with digestion and tasting his food.  With the help of your mints aiding his tastebuds (and possibly digestion), he has gained about 10 pounds! Now he eats a mint about half an hour before each meal.  We have shared the mints and your website with others at the infusion center and with his doctors. I don’t know if anyone has used this information but we will continue to use the mints-(I like them too!)- and share the information about your product.  Thank you so much.  Cancer patients need all the help they can get and your mints do help. (Carol J., Orlando, Fl)

Good morning, Scott…

My husband and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed chatting with you and seeing and reading about your company last Thursday.

My daughter-in-law (who’s a nurse) found and ordered Angel Mints for me in September when I was recovering from surgery for Stage IV ovarian cancer and had just begun chemotherapy.  I had no appetite whatsoever and had lost 15 pounds.  I can’t swear the mints made the difference, but I can tell you my appetite returned, I regained my weight (or at least the 10 pounds I wanted back!), and I haven’t had any problem with metallic taste or nausea.

Even if my improvement was coincidental to the mints, their wonderful taste and texture guarantee that I’ll keep buying them regardless of my symptoms or lack thereof.  Besides, I’m doing better than I or my doctor expected, so I’m not going to change a single thing I’ve been doing!

Again, thank you for a great product and for the time you spent chatting with us. (Linda E., Florida)


Thanks for all that you do!  Your desire to help cancer affected people with a product that has no equal is amazing!  Keep up the good work and God Bless! (Joe L., Florida)


I am a breast cancer survivor going thru chemo therapy. I am from Clearwater but am living in MN now. A friend sent me some Angel Mints to see if they would help with the lack of taste and nauseous feeling I get after chemo. I had chemo on Fri and these mints were the best ever. I have used mint before but these candies far surpass anything else. Thank you, thank you! They calm my stomach, help me sleep, and just make life better.  I am ordering more for my next treatment and to share with others at the cancer center. Your Angel Mints have made a huge difference for me! (Penny R., Minnesota)


Love ‘em!  They really do give me a new sense of taste. It’s amazing. The worst thing about chemo is the dullness or metal taste it leaves in your mouth. The peppermints really seem to clean that up. I eat a couple every day and I also take them in my backpack to the cancer center and share.

Have also tried the cherry flavor but not the others. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hooked on the mints, though.  (Rob M. Ft. Myers, Fl)


I’m a cancer patient and I’m on chemotherapy. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, until I was given some of your mints from a man at my church. He told me that your mints would help me with the taste in my mouth and he was so right. Your mints are so Good (Debbie K, Email submittal)


I would be honored to have you add our experience with your mints to your website. Thank you for the personal response and for keeping a great product and family tradition going. Not only did finding the mints take my mom back to a happier time, but it brought me back to a place where my family was young, healthy and happy. So in the midst of some horrible days at the hospital, I had a chance to smile and think happy thoughts about my days working the penny candy counter as a very young girl.

Life truly works in strange and mysterious ways and your mint and company goes to show sometimes how the littlest thing can touch and brighten a complete strangers day. Thank you for that reminder. (Nancy P. Indiana)

My mother has spent over 3 months at IUHEALTH Methodist this past year. I ran upon the Angel Mints in the Hospital gift shop and was excited to see them. My family has a history with Angel Mints because back in the 60’s and 70’s my grandparents restored a General Store in Mongo IN which of course had a penny candy counter. The Olde Store always carried the Angel Mints and it was always a favorite! So when I saw the Angel Mints in the gift shop I knew it would bring my mom back to a happier time.Little did I know their was a pallative aspect to the mints to accompany their great minty taste. Now my mom looks forward to her daily Angel Mint and when she is in the hospital she always has a “stash cup” in her bed tray of mints to help perk her up or rid the effects of her medicines. I am thankful when I went searching for a retailer near her home I found the Angel Mint store online. We are truly customers for life….past and present. (Nancy P., Indiana)


Scott, I have been plagued with ongoing pain and inflammation which caused me to be unable to eat which then increased the pain. The mints’ palliative affect soothed my stomach and I am now able to eat again. The pain has been reduced dramatically! I am so grateful you were at Whole Food Market’s (Clearwater, Fl) grand opening! :) (Stacy H. Florida)


Your Angel Mints are the most delicious peppermint I have ever tasted.  Thanks so much for continuing to make a quality confection in an ever changing world.  My wishes for your continued success! (Nancy G. West Palm Beach, Florida)


I love this candy! I discovered that two Angel Mints in a large mug of coffee instead of regular sugar is quite delicious and refreshing. It did not overpower the coffee but instead made it taste wonderful. It has a cooling effect and now it is a part of my daily routine. It also works in tea. I think the coffee chains should incorporate this into the menu items. Once people find out how good it is they will want to purchase this with a fresh hot cup of joe. (G. Pernetti, Ohio)


Subject: Thank you – Hello Scott, just to thank you for the fast shipping of Angel Mints. Have read all the comments and they are all so true. Your mints are a great help to me when taking many medications together and I expect to continue to re-order forever! (Charles B. – Shelby Township, MI)


I am a patient that has experienced relief from nausea and the bad taste in my mouth from chemotherapy as a result of the Angel Mint. I would recommend Angel Mints to anyone having these problems with chemotherapy. James H., Palm Harbor, Fl


I have been buying these mints for quite a few years now since I found them in one of the hospital gift shops. I remembered them as a kid and I loved them then and love them more now that I have so many issues with my stomach because of  IBS . They are great for nausea and help to keep me going when I cannot eat much… I buy the  large box so I have them when I need them and have shared them with anyone who I think would love them and everyone who eats one says how good they are.  Even my dog who had stomach issues ate them and loved them and that says something when they help a Chihuahua with stomach problems. Keep making them we all need them. Even the pets. Marcia Z, Levittown, PA


I have known that ginger and peppermint can help settle an upset stomach. When you have cancer, you become very aware of toxins and chemicals and anything artificial. I learned about Angel Mints natural peppermints helping with nausea while undergoing chemotherapy from the website.  I checked the ingredients and they are natural and do not contain any gluten, making them a safe product for someone who is celiac or gluten-intolerant.  The regular size is more than enough and I usually will eat only 1/2 at a time. Angel Mints are especially helpful for when anti-nausea medicines haven’t yet started to work or your nausea isn’t severe enough to take strong medicine which in turn can produce undesirable side effects.

What I appreciate the most about Angel Mints is that Scott Rehm personally saw to it that my order was shipped out promptly. To have old-fashioned customer service and personal care has made me a very happy customer! Interesting, a close friend visiting spotted the familiar Angel Mint wrapper and said she remembered Angel Mints from being a hospice nurse. You may want to buy the mini-size if you are diabetic or just use half because a full size Angel Mint is sweet because of sugar.



I really want to thank-you for making a great candy mint that really helps cancer patients. I found them in the gift shop of hospital while my mom was going through chemotherapy. They really help her deal with the side effects of chemo.I found your website and I am very pleased to see the candy comes in a smaller size. Thank-you and keep up the good work!

Tracey F – Syracuse, NY


I purchased the angel mints for my niece who was diagnosed with breast cancer.   She opted out for a mastectomy (both breasts) and a hysterectomy and therefore did not need chemotherapy.  I however, have given my husband a couple to eat to sooth his nausea and he said they helped.  I too have tried them when my stomach has been a little nauseated from H Pylori and it seems to help.

I will definitely order more when I am close to running out of the 2 bags I have on hand. Mary L  – Dallas, TX


I have personally been enjoying your mints for years. I recently have begun to receive intravenous iron at my doctors office and I am sitting with people who are receiving chemo. When I heard them discussing your mints and how they ease the nausea from the chemo and they actually can taste things after having one of your mints, I had to offer that I work not far from the factory and would be happy to pick some of the mints up for them. I met Scott at the factory when I went to pick up the mints and was delighted to hear about ALL of the other chemo patients that have told him the same thing. It’s amazing that one little mint can make such a difference to someone who is going through such a difficult time and experience. EVERY ONCOLOGIST SHOULD SUPPLY OR INFORM THEIR PATIENTS ABOUT ANGEL MINTS. I went back to my doctors office this week and was told by the oncologist nurse how happy all of the patients were to have a supply of Angel Mints at the office.

Tammy K. Largo, Fl.


You brought over a box of Angel Mints for my Mom not long after she started chemo. She said it helped with the dryness and metallic taste in her mouth, and sometimes eased the nausea. There’s not a whole lot that can take away the unpleasant side effects of chemo, and there were times when nothing tasted good, but Angel Mints did help. I think It was good that they melted in her mouth because she fell asleep a lot and I didn’t worry when she dozed off with an Angel in her mouth. Thanks, Scott.

Lorna S., Florida


I too have tried to get the name of Angel Mints out there. I have used them in my clinic to all of my Oncology Clients and they love how it takes the taste of Metallic, salty flavor out of their mouth. They have even said it helped to increase their appetite. Angel mints are also great for the elderly who may be losing their desire to eat. Give them one mint 30 min to 1 hr before meal time and see what happens.

April C. (Facebook testimony)


This tasty mint helped to soothe my throat and ease the queazy feelings I recieved during chemotherapy. They are natural and make a positive difference they are not just candy they are the solution to a problem.

Judy M. (Facebook testimony)


Hi Scott, My wife and I met you recently at your factory office store in Clearwater. We live in the Northeast and have enjoyed Angel Mints for years – we usually find them at our local WAWA Stores. I have Type II diabetes. I try to always carry an Angel Mint in my pocket. In trying to maintain tight blood glucose control an error on the low side can be devastating. An Angel Mint eaten at the first sign of hypoglycemia has been a “life saver” for me. Thanks for introducing us to the Chocolate version. They are my new favorite-although the grandkids still prefer the original. We look forward to stopping in again on our next visit to the Tampa Bay area.

David S.  –  Hamilton Square, NJ



I have been a long time fan of these mints and my testimonials are on the page. But I wanted to emphasize again how great these mints are for stomach issues like nausea from any source and for pain and just feeling bad.  I think somehow they need to be marketed to doctor’s offices where they treat both GI issues and cancer patients. No one needs to buy them one at a time which is far more expensive then a whole box. I have given a box of them to a friend who lost both breasts to cancer and she loved them. She passed them out to others too. I always buy at least four boxes and put them away. And my old dog loves these mints. When he hears the paper unwrapping the tail wags and he perks up. I break up the mint for him and he eats it and his stomach issues are partially resolved. So pretty good when even the dog thinks there is a good way to treat problems! Thanks Scott for doing a great job and also to my buddy Joanne.

Marcia Z, Levittown, PA


As I was picking up my wife’s prescription at Publix, the friendly pharmacist suggested that I find and try your Angel Mints.  He spoke so highly of them, I went on a quest to find some.  Surprisingly enough, they are hard to find locally, so I searched the internet and found this site. But seeing that you are local to me, I drove down and bought some at your offices on Lakeview.  I brought back a bag as thanks, to the pharmacist and took a bunch to the Oncologist’s office to share with others getting chemotherapy.  Wow!  What a hit!!!  People wanted more!  I didn’t take nearly enough information sheets or cards for all the eager mint lovers.  Even my wife noticed that something about the mints ‘realigns her tastebuds’ so food tastes better.  I’m in awe!  Thanks!

Andy M. – Palm Harbor, Fl


Subject: I Love these mints!

 I discovered these lovely mints a few months ago while i was shopping at Whole Foods supermarket, i decided to grab a few and oh my gosh these things are amazing, they are melt in your mouth and i love knowing i can eat quite a few without guilt since they are natural & fat free!!

Since i fell in love with these heavenly little mints i buy the 6 ounce box, i wish they came in bigger boxes!! these things are amazing!

 Darlene P. Florida


These are the best mints ever. They are not the typical candy mint found in stores. These really are great if you have stomach issues and such as they help with heartburn and nausea and other stomach issues. Even my older chihuahua loves them when he has an upset stomach. I cannot talk about them enough. I buy several of the large boxes and keep them for when I need them.

Marcia Z – PA


Subject: I LOVE Angel Mints –  A few years ago, I had to have emergency surgery for a hernia.  So, I am no stranger to abdominal pain and issues with digestion.  I too (like another testimonial writer) have subscribed to starlight mints.  While starlights are refreshing and good for bad breath, there is NOTHING like an Angelmint! They are absolutely the most refreshing mint and/or peppermint treat I’ve ever tasted! And they are so therapeutic and soothing for abdominal pain or poor digestion.  I am SO glad that the web address is listed on the wrapper so I could buy them in abundance vs 10 at a time. I think they should be marketed to EVERY retail food store out there. Just ordered 4 boxes and can’t wait to receive them!

Maria J. – Bear, Delaware


I have given Angel Mints to all the people I know having Chemo therapy. It is the perfect gesture in so many ways and they love them for all the reasons you promote them for. Thank You!

I grew up with these in Philadelphia and just recently re discovered them in California. I am so happy!

Susan S., California


Attached is my order for Angel Mints which is a gift for a friend undergoing chemo. If you could put some information regrding the “palliative therapy” in the box that would be great. I have purchased the Angel Mint for many of my friends who have gone through chemo. They LOVE THEM! Thanks for making such a great product!

Lynn T., Largo, Florida


I began eating these mints a few years back and thought- oh they taste good. Nice to have around. Last year, I was diagnosed with IBS and there are a lot of days when my stomach just hurts. I tried starlight mints and while those are okay for freshening your breath, they weren’t doing anything to ease my stomach. I saw these mints again in the store one day and figured I would give them a try to ease my stomach pain. The spasms and outright pain, were eased the moment I bit down on these and allowed them to melt in my mouth. Angel Mints should be called Miracle Mints because they are one of the few things that ease our stomach. Another major benefit- these are holistic. No need to worry about side effects. They are mints and are divine! I recommend these to anyone that suffers from IBS, Crohns and even just occasional “tummy issues”. Keep up the great work and know that you are helping and healing people with candy. THANK YOU!

Rosetta S. – New Castle, DE

Subject: Angel Mints are great for cancer patients on treatment!

Hello, I am a chemotherapy nurse with over 30 years of experience. Our patients LOVE Angel Mints! We try and keep them  in our chemotherapy suite. They are great for the changes patients experience in their taste buds as they go through treatment. They also use them during certain infusions to mask the unpleasant taste of the chemicals. We are satisfied customers!

Beth P. – RN OCN – Clearwater, Fl

I originally purchased Angel Mints as a snack for my father who is currently being treated for an aggressive brain tumor; however, I soon realized these mints could do much more than just satisfy a sweet tooth. Upon first taste of Angel Mints, my father was reminded of candies he used to eat growing up in the late 50′s in New Jersey. He quickly discovered that the mints could also help alleviate the dry mouth and upset stomach he is experiencing as a result of chemo radiation. Not only do Angel Mints help him with the harsh side effects associated with the intensive treatment regimen, they also bring back memories of happy times in childhood and put him in a positive frame of mind. As his daughter I make an effort to ensure he has Angel Mints available at all times.

Lisa B., Orlando, FL

Subject: It’s wonderful to enjoy meals again

 As a cancer patient, on my third cancer medication, I quickly noticed the loss of my sense of taste with the first medication.  With the first medication, everything tasted metallic, my current medication enhances the worst of the ingredients, Ketchup tastes like vinegar, Cocktail sauce like horseradish.  Angel Mints before mealtimes allows me to enjoy my meal, it tastes like pre cancer medication.  It’s wonderful to enjoy a meal again.



 Larry W., Clearwater, Fl  

The Angel Mints have been helping my boyfriend tremendously during his most recent chemotherapy treatments.  His heartburn was a bit worse than usual and it helped settle it whenever he would eat one.  The Chemo Center was very thankful for our donation of Angel Mints and a couple of the people doing treatment there were actually already familiar with the product.  I guess the word it getting out and that is wonderful!

Madalena, Florida

I ordered these mints for my boyfriends mother who was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma and has to undergo chemo quite often as a regular regimen. She absolutely LOVED them and found they are one of the only things that helped her nausea. She has some on her bedside table and carries them in her purse with her. The angel mints were a big help! I gave her a 1 lb bag of the cherub angel mints which were left on the kitchen counter … and apparently – my boyfriend loves them too! Time for another order :) This time I’m gonna buy myself a bag of the chocolate mints as well!!

Wendy K
Downingtown, PA

Scott, this is my third order of three boxes of the mints since I found your site. I love them and they definitely have helped my nausea and indigestion and such with the many stomach and bowel issues I have. Any one with IBS or something similar would benefit from using these mints. And if you are sick with a virus like the stomach flu at least you have something to suck on that gives you some feeling of having something in your stomach. I have been thrilled with them and just ordered another three boxes.

Marcia Z, Levittown, Pa

I first discovered Angel Mints in a Mall candy store.  They are the most delicious, addicting mints I have ever had!  I became determined to find out where these wonderful treats were made and imagine my delighted surprise to find the factory is located in the next town over from where I live!  YAY!!! I often wrap these in colorful candy bags, with ribbons, and give them as little gifts.  You can stuff them in mini Christmas stockings and hang them on the tree for the kids.  Everybody just loves them!  The only thing bad about them is they’re so good – I run out too quickly!Kathryn O, Largo, Fl

I really LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the angel mints. I have a stomach disorder and it is untreatable. I will have to live with the pain and discomfort that it causes me. One day I was at a store checkout and saw these white tubular mints on the counter, I asked the cashier if they were any good. She said that a lot of customers buy them. So I bought 5 of them to try. I ate them all while driving home and they settled my stomach. The next day I went back and bought all that she had left. Now I buy the angel mints online and eat at least 5 at a time to tame my stomach.

Athena B. Atlasburg, PA

I wanted to send this letter to you in hopes it may reach others who may be suffering with the same physical problems my wife and I are dealing with daily. Last year, we were rear ended by a vehicle speeding in excess of 45 mpH while we were stopped at a stop sign. My wife and I suffered severe neck, back, knee and foot injuries with a loss of balance. We have struggled with physical restrictions and excessive pain. We have been in constant therapy and must take multiple medications to try to recover and get back to enjoying life. Unfortunately, the side effects of the medications are constant nausea and a complete lack of appetite.

When we discovered Angel Mints from your company our lives turned for the good. This mint has truly become a gift from heaven for us. The soft peppermint flavor and melt in your mouth texture has a tremendous calming effect. The nausea is immediately eliminated and this has allowed the balance and appetite to return.

When we realized recently we were running out of Angel Mints, I sent you an emergency request for another bulk purchase. I truly appreciated your personal attention and super fast delivery. It is a pleasure to deal with a company who really cares about how their product can help people who suffer with physical difficulties. Besides that, they taste great! Sometimes we sneak an extra one just because they taste so good.

Thank you so very much,
Thomas and Alexandra

Dear Scott:  Recently my brother and I went to the hospital to visit his wife who was very ill.  We were both rather tense and our stomachs were upset. We stopped in the gift shop for some tums or something to settle our stomach.  The clerk said they could not dispense medicine but suggested we try the Angel Mints as she had heard they helped with stomach upset.  Well, we were amazed, both of us felt relief very quickly and every day, for 10 days my brother bought some.  When his wife came home, one day she had an upset stomach, I gave her one and it solved the problem.  My brother is hooked on them and I use them when I feel the need without concern for side affects.  They are amazing little mints and I am placing an order tonight.

Thank You,

G. from Tucson, AZ

I found the mints at a Whole Foods in West Palm Beach 4 months ago as a substitute for some ginger candies that had stopped helping my post chemo nausea. The Angel Mints have been working very well since. I have given mints to some patients and they thought they have helped them as well. I believe they are as effective as my prescription anti-nausea meds, pleasurable and without side effects. I have told my oncologist and have supplied some mints to the nurses in ambulatory infusion at the hospital and they reported that the patients have been asking for them while receiving their chemoRx. Thank you for a great product!


Vero Beach, FL

I wanted to tell you something that may come as no surprise – your Angel Mints are amazing. I took a pack home with me last night and had one on the way out the door to ease my pregnancy nausea. On the way home I thought, “can it be?” I felt infinitely better. I then waited until I felt sick again – around 11pm – when I normally would be in the kitchen searching for anything to make it go away and get a good night’s sleep. Well, I had the last Angel Mint and it soothed my belly in 5 minutes. I slept like a baby (HAHA!) I cannot tell you all of the measures I have taken over the course of my pregnancies to ease nausea for the first 14 weeks – everything from acupuncture to Zofran (literally, A to Z!) Needless to say, I will be picking up some more today. Also, I’ve been telling everyone about them! The midwives at the birth center are especially interested – always looking for natural remedies to nausea. I’ll try to get them to place an order to have on hand for clients. :)

Thank you so much,
Tampa, Fl

I’m happy to order the Angel Mints on your website since buying them in the hospital gift shop near me is too expensive. I have not had these in ages, I had them when I was a kid and loved them and then forgot about them. Found them again in this gift shop and said got to have more. Finally got bright enough to read the wrapper and find the web site. ha ha. I have stomach issues and need the mint…… I cannot wait to get them. I will most certainly order more as I have these issues every day and some days are worse then others. I fit into the category some of the other customers do….. I am so glad you are making these!


Levittown, PA

Hello Florida Candy Factory!

I have an Angel Mint after lunch and it soothes my stomach. Had gastric bypass a little over 4 years ago, and any type of peppermint type thing seems to soothe, but the angel mints are the best!!!

Thanks again for such an awesome and heavenly product!! You can use this!

Lynn HE.
Indianapolis, IN

I have the mints and they are very good. I am six years cancer free. I thank you for your prayers. Have a nice day.

New York

Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for all of your help in getting this order to me on time. I know my friend will be happy with your mints, she loves them and will make her birthday all the more better.

It was a pleasure speaking with you and you have a wonderful product. I will also be sure to share so other people will get to know how delicious the Angel Mint is.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company. It is nice to know there are still companies in business to make sure things are done right.


New Jersey

I have been eating angel mints for many years now, and they are still by far my favorite mint or sweet treat. Every time I am in a wawa I get a handful and share them among friends. They are the perfect mint to be sure. Im so glad you have kept the recipe the same and the mints do not include animal products! Keep up the great work!


Hello! I love your angelmints so much, they remind me of when I was little at the Ocean City shore every summer. I read a few testimonials and will read more when I have some time and see some people have trouble finding them, luckily here in se. pa. we have them at the Wawa markets regularly! They are so good and just wanted you to know! I don’t mind if you publish this.

Sharon C.

I actually do need to order more mints, which I will probably do next week. With my last order I used the mints to give away at our youth football banquet (210 Vikings Football and Cheer Club), and they were a BIG HIT. I had parents asking were did I get them from and I did give them your web site.

Also my family (husband, 3 sons, and myself) all love to use your mints just to eat, but also we use them especially when we are feeling sick on the stomach, we pop one in our mouth and it automatically takes that sick feeling away. We swear by this!!

Thanks for making a great product and I will be placing another order soon.

Take care,


Hi Scott,

Thank so much I’ll refer all my friends and family!! You have the best customer service I have ever come across :)


I received the order today – thank you so much. I love these mints and could probably make myself sick – so I have to put just a few in my desk drawer so I don’t eat them all in one sitting.
I love your products and am so glad that you have a website that makes it so easy to order through.
Thank you, again.


Dear Scott,

I had to take my mother in law back to the hospital for a blood transfusion yesterday and she ran out of Angel Mints! We share with others also waiting on chemo/radiation, etc. (I even snagged one for the nausea from my migraine while we waited!) I’ll be placing another order today!


We have enjoyed the Angel Mints! they were helpful to my mother-in-law with chemo, too. My daughter has since placed a large order. She was also very ill with Ulcerative Colitis and while she couldn’t eat, the Angel Mints helped with nausea and effects of the strong medication. in the process we have introduced new buyers via sharing ours!

P.S. It was always a treat for our children growing up to get an Angel Mint at the restaurant… Now in their 20’s and still loving the mints! T



I had bariatric surgery on Feb. 26, 2008. I’ve been using the angel mints daily lately to help a bout of nausea I have been experiencing, I also have IBS. They have really helped me a lot. However, are they addictive or what? :)


Ann C

Indpls. Indiana

I have been buying Angel Mints for several years each and every time I could find them. Unfortunately, most of the time the only place I could find them was at the hospital gift shop.
I would like to share my experience in eating Angel Mints. I have a chronic blood disorder and therefore my medication is very strong. I have to take it once in the morning and once at night. During the night I try to have some Angel Mints by my bedside at all times. The medicine I take leaves a very unpleasant and foul taste in my mouth. Eating the Angel Mint has not only stopped this taste from interrupting my sleep for the entire night but it also brings me a sense of peace because it’s so comforting. Somehow, it calms me and the way it melts in my mouth assures me I won’t choke on it. I do not feel it is my imagination when I state that Angel Mints have helped me get through many stressful times just by eating them. I have found Angel Mints to have a relaxing and therapeutic effect on me. I wanted to share this experience of mine with others because its amazing that such a little mint can have such a “Big” affect. For me, Angel Mints are like the American Express credit card advertisement, “I don’t leave home without them”.

Sharon N.

Chicago, IL

A quick little story: My mother passed away a few years ago and the only thing she could enjoy toward the end was Angel Mints. My best friend’s mom was very ill and so I passed the candy on. It was the last thing she asked for. Cracker Barrel is where I used to buy them and was upset when they quit carrying them. I found them again in a cafeteria. That’s where I got your website info. Your story about the cancer patients is true. These are very special mints to me. I’m sure you have heard a lot of stories about how enjoyable the Angel Mint is.

Karen. C

Miami, Fl

The Angel Mints are a gift for my friend. Angel mints have a very special meaning in her life.
Jacqueline is an inspiration for many in the breast cancer community, and she is working to help mastectomy candidates have awareness of options. She found the Angel Mints while in the hospital during her cancer treatments. She is one of the most courageous people that I know. I am repaying a kindness by getting a supply of Angel Mints for her since I know how much she loves them. I try to act anonymously or in quiet active support of her mission and perhaps you and I can talk someday about getting a supply of Angel Mints with her “logo” on them.

Kathy M.

Philadelphia, PA

I would appreciate your correspondence with Cracker Barrel very much concerning the reintroduction of your Angel Mints. When I would buy up most of them, other customers would ask me why I was buying so many. I told them this was the only “candy” that took away heartburn in just a couple seconds. Needless to say, they also bought a bunch. I’ve told family members and strangers that this little mint is so much faster and better than taking medicine for heartburn——-the only problem was I couldn’t send them to “cracker barrel” anymore to purchase them——which, of course meant less business for cracker barrel cause if your gonna go there to get these little wonder mints, than you might as well eat and shop there. Have you ever thought of putting them in CVS or other drug stores? It would be cheaper in the long run instead of heading to a Cracker Barrel

Mrs Buchanan
South Carolina

Thank you for your wonderful product and I wanted to share these nice comments with you. I have shared these mints with a lot of people and I always get the same reaction, “these are the best”, “what is the name of these” and “where can I buy them.”
I wish however that they were sold in more stores because the only place I can buy them is in WAWA stores and now I do not live near a WAWA store anymore.
Thank you for your wonderful mints; they are truly a positive experience with whomever I share with.

Carmel G.


Peppermint has always been a soothing aid for my digestion. I used to have a Lifesaver or a hard mint, but when I discovered Angel Mints I found that it settled my stomach almost immediately. Perhaps it’s the wonderful texture that melts in my mouth and gets to the old tummy faster than sucking on a hard mint. But aside from settling my stomach it also leaves a terrific, refreshing taste in my mouth and is perfect after a meal.

Phyllis K.

Lincoln, DE

Wow, in a nut shell I am a great lover of the Angel Mints. I have tried all
kinds, but these are the very best I have had in my life. I will tell all my
friends and let them have a taste. It is like being in heaven.


Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your company’s Angel Mints. They are not too strong nor too sweet, but just right!! I can only find them at Wawa convenience stores in my area but it is worth the trip to the nearest store. I have stomach problems so I always keep Angel Mints with me. They help to soothe an upset tummy. Keep making this delicious confection and I’ll keep buying them!!!!

Kendra W.


I have been enjoying the Angel Mint for several years now after discovering them at our military base. I found that the Angel Mint settles my stomach as well as relieves a sore throat. As a matter of fact, I believe in the product so much that I give them to my 3 kids and 4 grand kids when their stomach or sore throat needs some help. Thanks for a great product.

George S.

Atlanta, Ga

We were told by an employee at Whole Foods that Angel Mints were safe for those with Celiac disease. Would you please confirm or deny. We did buy some and would love to dig in. In the mean time, we await your kind answer. We are hoping the results will be positive. I am sure the Mints would be very popular in the “Gluten restricted” community.

Nick E, Florida

Hey Nick, the results have been received from our independent test laboratory regarding gluten and soy allergen in our Angel Mints.

Angel Mints® have been laboratory tested for gluten & soy allergen content. Results determined both to be below their Analytical Determination Limit, therefore the levels are presumed to be 0.

We thank you for your interest in our product and we are happy to have had the samples analyzed for you.

Scott – Florida Candy Factory

Hey Scott, there are at least 500 large corporations in the US that could use your talents. I have never had a more aggressive response to an individual query. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your help, my daughter will empty the shelves of Angel Mints at Whole Foods.

Nick E


I have been using angel mints for several years. I discovered them in a hospital gift shop. I use them for a burning & tingling tongue problem. It also helps for stomach problems irritable bowel. I am happy I found these mints. It really helps.

New York