Our Salt Water Taffy was first introduced in 1895 and the Angel Mint® in 1919. Both are products of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Business proprietor, Mr. Ron Krueger eventually relocated the manufacturing facilities of these two products as well as his line of fudge, chocolates and marmalades to Florida where small business entrepreneur, Jerry Rehm was first introduced. Even though Mr. Rehm’s background was not in the art of candy making, the fine quality products were easy to fall in love with! So much so, Mr. Rehm bought the rights to the company in 1984. An early business decision was made to concentrate the company’s efforts & resources to perfecting the Atlantic City Boardwalk style Salt Water Taffy and the “melt in your mouth” Angel Mints®, thus the fudge, chocolates and marmalade lines were discontinued.

To maintain the quality & integrity of the products, Mr. Ron Krueger stayed on with the company in various capacities (until his retirement in 1999), while other exceptionally experienced candy makers were added to the Florida Candy Factory family.

Mr. Richard Mattiace our plant manager, came from Richardson Candy (founded in 1893). He joined our team in 1993. His candy making expertise of almost 40 years as well as his organizational skills assure our superior quality consistency and order scheduling exceeds our customer expectations!

Mr. Reed Anderson is also from Richardson Candy. He joined our candy factory family in 1995. With 35+ years as a candy maker, his skills as our expert taffy chef clearly separate our taffy from the competition! Unlike the big taffy makers we manufacture our taffy in small 270 batches. Reed’s ability to ensure batch consistency is truly an art form!

The remainder of our Florida Candy Factory family includes candy makers, machine operators & mechanics as well as packaging experts and shipping specialists. We firmly believe that a successful business results from the efforts of each and every employee. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality individuals that make up our Florida Candy Factory team!