Florida Candy Factory, Inc.

We are so appreciative that you are visiting our website and we are hopeful that you will try some of our Angel Mints® and Salt Water Taffy today. We’re confident once tasted you too will believe the quality is second to none, and our wonderful, old fashioned candies are just that…….wonderful!

Jerry & Scott Rehm – Florida Candy Factory

The Florida Candy Factory, Inc., is a family owned and operated small business located in Clearwater, Florida since 1984. As one of Clearwater’s past “Small Businesses of the Year”, Jerry and son, Scott Rehm have been successfully servicing the “sweet tooth” needs of many candy customers across our great country and abroad! The Angel Mint® has been adorned (co-branded) with the names of presidents (George W. Bush), deceased Florida Congressman, Bill Young, Congressman, David Jolly, Disney’s Mickey (Mickey’s Money Mint), Florida’s Richard’s Foodporium as well as Luby’s restaurants and a plethora of other notable establishments. Additionally, the Angel Mint® has been marketed in locations such as Florida Whole Foods, Cracker Barrel restaurants, major theme parks, Wawa’s Convenience stores, military commissaries, Florida Walgreens & CVS stores, thousands of independent health food and variety stores as well as over 5,000 hospital gift shops. Our Salt Water Taffy has also graced the sale racks of all of the Florida theme parks as well as a multitude of wonderful businesses both in and outside the state of Florida.

What makes our products the best and most memorable is the authenticity of the recipes, the finest ingredients, and the quality of the candy maker! If you want a taste of yesteryear then you’ve come to the right place! We refuse to cheapen the ingredients to pad the bottom line. We have always stood true to the original candy maker’s intent on providing quality candy! Both of our products utilize only the finest ingredients available and our quality team of candy makers assure you’ll be happy with each and every order!

Jerry Rehm

Jerry Rehm – Born and raised in Florida, a graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy (1948) (Kings Point).  Likes to joke with his Alumni that he has changed his profession of “Going to Sea” to that of manufacturing “Salt Water Taffy.”(Rhyme)

In 1990, Jerry also became the Product Salesman and began a relationship with the expanding Florida theme park industry in providing character merchandise packing of taffy in Disney – Universal – Sea World –Busch Gardens and others.  Jerry, together with his wife Edna, developed the concept of packaging of baskets and seasonal plush animals, applying the art of cross-merchandising of candy with theme park decorated merchandise for the largest theme park in both Florida and California.  Over the 15-year time frame, 1990-2005, over 200 different designs were (packaged and) supplied with taffy, mints and other American-made candies.

Our success in the major theme park packaging demonstrated that a small candy business is as capable as large corporations in providing quality and cost effective American-made products/packaging.

Today, my son Scott’s mission as President is to provide the same quality and cost effective effort utilizing our own packaging with our own American made taffy and Angel Mints to you our website visitors and customers.

Scott Rehm

Born and raised in Florida received his BA in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. Scott is married to his beautiful bride of 29 years, Mary, and they celebrate their two, exceptionally wonderful daughters – Lauren (an attorney with Holland & Knight in Tampa) and Lindsey (a special needs educator, working with blind students in Hillsborough county, and recently married the man of her dreams, Mr. Robert Moore). Prior to joining his father (Jerry) at the Florida Candy Factory in 1997, Scott held various positions within Procurement & Contract Administration for General Electric Co., Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin. Upon arriving at the candy factory, Scott assumed Procurement, Personnel & Business Operation responsibilities. In 2004, Scott succeeded his father as President of the company.

In addition to making candy, Scott is active within his community. He serves a vice president on the Board of Directors for the Kimberly Home (a pregnancy resource center) and treasurer of St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen, where he also volunteers as a cook. Scott has a love for the drums and is blessed to play each Sunday at the Life Teen Mass for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. He also enjoys “just being with the family”, playing softball & golf.

“Joining my father in 1997 was the best decision I could have made. With having a choice to relocate across the country with a major defense firm or partner with family in a small business venture; I’m so very happy to have made the choice I made. Family truly is most important! It’s been a joy getting to know my dad better as a father as well as a business man. We’re both very proud of our business, our employees and our quality products. We are also sincerely thankful that you have taken the time to review our website today and we’re hopeful you will try our wonderful Angel Mints® and Salt Water Taffy. We’re confident that once you try our products you too will agree their quality is second to none! Thank you again for visiting our website and God Bless!”