How do you improve upon something that is already considered heavenly delicious, angelic, and the very best? ……… you add chocolate!

That’s just what we did! We added pure chocolate liquor to our heavenly delicious, melt in your mouth Angel Mint®, thus creating our “devilishly delectable” chocolate Angel Mint® (sometimes called the Devil Mint®). If you love peppermint and you love chocolate than we know you’ll love the chocolate Angel Mint®. The co-mingling of succulent chocolate and pure peppermint is truly sinful and the best of both worlds!!

Our chocolate liquor is a mid-roast chocolate blend. Although more costly, we believe it provides the best flavor possible. Try some today – we’re confident you’re going to love it!

Chocolate Angel Mint: (Available in “cherub” size only (1-1/2” long – approx. 70 pieces per pound)

Other flavor suggestions?

We are considering the development of other Angel Mint® flavors. Please email Scott at to indicate whether you’d enjoy our Angel Mints® in other flavors.

Flavor suggestions received so far include – Wintergreen and Cinnamon.

Please let us know your thoughts! If there is enough interest we’ll work to develop them soon!

Chocolate Angel Mint® – Nutrition Facts