A Family Tradition

From the Boardwalk of Wildwood NJ, to the sunny skies of Clearwater, Fl., learn how the Florida Candy Factory has made a tradition of providing their one of a kind candy to the public by preserving the same recipe and techniques that were developed over 90 years ago.

The Power of Peppermint!

In addition to their amazing taste, did you know that peppermint Angel Mints® have been attributed to providing “palliative therapy” benefits? From their ability to help calm digestive problems and soothe sore throats, the benefits of Angel Mint® treats have been recognized for years!

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More Sweets!

In addition to the Angel Mint, the Florida Candy Factory is an authentic creator of Salt Water Taffy treats, using the old-fashioned formulation to produce the best texture and taste of any Salt Water Taffy being manufactured. Just pull, cut, wrap and enjoy!